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Join us every Sunday @ 11am 401 Prince Georges Blvd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


The Inevitable

Quiet as its kept Joshua the successor to the much better known Moses will go down as one of the greatest leaders, and servants of God of all time. His life was what we would consider “charmed”, seemingly protected, marked with favor, rarely encountering trouble, danger, or misfortune. We can trace his 110 year old successful life to him aligning his entire life after the instructions given to him by God in Joshua 1:8., and in 2017, we at HCM are entering into a season where blessings are not just going to be experienced occasionally but “Inevitably”. Because Joshua carefully and consistently made Godly decisions, the change that he needed in every aspect came like the second, third, fourth, and fifth domino falls when the first one is set in motion.  Join us on this journey as we learn to make “indelible choices that have Inevitable results… The year of the Inevitable …. Where Change Doesn’t Have A Choice…

Year Of The


About Us

Meet The Pastor

Pastor George is an awesome example of the next-generation leader. As Senior Pastor of High Calling Ministries (HCM), he has developed an atmosphere that goes beyond “church as usual.” Pastor Hawkins brings a refreshing blend of practicality and passion to ministry that is truly inspiring. We are truly blessed and thankful to have such a dynamic, God-led individual as our shepherd.

We Are United Under One Vision

We will aggressively defend unity and be in submission to the vision handed down by God to our leaders.

We Love, With The Love That Won't Lose

Since God continued to demonstrate His merciful Love to us, we deliberately attempt to show an obvious, overt, even an obnoxious Love that attracts, not repels!

We Seek To Be In The Moment And Relevant

We will always seek to be strategic in endeavors or initiatives; apply quantitative numbers to our efforts, a learning church who will change tactics and methodology if it helps people connect with GOD.

We Will Be Guilty Of Being Courageous

We are open-minded to the Spirit of GOD as He provides direction for us in all things concerning the church and His people.

We Will Be Known More For What We Are For

We will teach and publicize about the Lordship of Jesus, salvation as a generous gift of GOD, and the eternal benefits of operating in Kingdom principles.


We have a big vision for our community and we would love for you to become a part of it!

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Visit Us

Every amazing journey begins by simply showing up. And boy do we have a reason worth showing up for! Carpool with a friend. Ride your bike. Catch the metro. How you get here doesn’t matter, it’s how you leave that makes the difference. Sunday morning at 11 am, come say hello.

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Experience Us

Our goal is to make sure that you leave better than when you came. We want to you to feel welcomed and to connect with Christ in a fresh and exciting way. Whether you make a new friend, learn something new, or just enjoy our service, we want you to live the #we would love to meet you.

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Share Us

We can be quick to share the news about a bad meal or experience. But what about a great one? If you have an awesome experience at HCM, why not bless someone else by spreading the word. Shout it from the mountain tops…or just a social media post will do.

Connect or reconnect 10,00 people to Jesus Christ and His church!

Check out our 2015 | 2020 Vision

Our Vision

First Lady Sharlene Hawkins


Claude Jennings


Natalie Wood


Jerome Melton


Towanda Coles


Pastor George W.Hawkins Jr


Wes Sturdivant


Jason Woods

We love helping those who are not there, get there!